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Moon Quest 2

Compete on Saturday (Dec 10), 4p-9p or Sunday (Dec 11), 3p-7p

Comp Entry
$20/member; $30/non-member gets you access to the competition on one of the days above.
Spectators are welcome.
You cannot compete on both days because you'd have an unfair advantage to other competitors.

Your Mission
You've crash landed on the (Half-)Moon! Now you must rebuild your ship to return home.The ship's parts are scattered all over the moonscape. Climb to get them back. Finish a climb and get one piece of your ship. Collect all 25 to take off. You must climb the boulders in order. Start at 1 and go until you complete all 25 climbs or run out of air.

Fire up your bouldering rockets and compete in one of our 4 skill groups (Pilot: V0-V2, Engineer: V3-V4, Commander: V5-V7, or Specialist: V8+). You'll win the satisfaction of trying your best, our unfiltered admiration, and, maybe, some sweet prizes.

You must be at least 12 years old to compete.

You can choose to compete either on Saturday, Dec 10 (4-9pm), or Sunday, Dec 11 (3-7p). You'll get your score-card and comp instructions at check-in. Your start and end times are flexible during the time-frame above. Turn-in your score card by closing time to the Welcome Desk. We'll announce the winners on Instagram on Monday, Dec. 12.

Changes/Cancellations Unfortunately, there is no refund for cancellations. If you cannot make it to the event and would like to pass on your ticket to a friend, please call us at 206-736-4596, and we will make the change in our reservation system. The latest you can transfer your ticket to another participant Friday, December 9, before 10pm.

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