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Birthday Parties

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Saturdays from 2:30pm to 4pm

Whether you're a group of beginners or experienced climbers - made up of friends, family, teammates or co-workers - Half Moon Bouldering offers a variety of options for groups to get on the wall and enjoy the sport of rock climbing. Our offering includes 60 min. Guided instruction and activities appropriate for participants' skill and 30 min. social time in a reserved space.

If group is 12 years and under, 2 adults are required to act as chaperones during the climbing portion of the event.

We can accommodate:

  • Adults
  • Kids (strongly recommended age of 4+ for the majority in the group)
  • Corporate Teams
  • Nonprofit Groups

Group events are bookable until two weeks prior to your event.

$360 flat rate for up to 8 participants, $35 additional dollars per participant up to 12 If you have any special accommodations or would like a custom experience, please contact us at


After Hours Parties

Sundays, 7p - 8:30p
Planning a special night with family, friends, or team members? Make it truly memorable by reserving the gym for your group.

We'll organize a fun, instructor-guided 60 min. long climbing session with activities tailored to the group's interests and skills, followed by 30 min. free climb/social time/celebration. You get to set the stage with decorations, refreshments, and your choice of music.

$500 flat rate for up to 12 participants (climbers and non-climbers), and $30 for each additional participant up to a total max. of 20 in group.

You can book your After-Hours experience until two weeks prior to your event.

For special accommodations, such as additional time or planning for larger groups, please contact us at


Team and Corporate Parties

Mondays and Fridays, 12-1:30p and 2p-3:30p

You know your peers best. The ones you can rely on, those who go the extra mile, the problem solvers, the fixers, and those who never fail to lighten up the mood. Question is, how will y'all work together faced with a 13-foot abrasive wall, leaning towards or away from you at multiple angles?

Test your team's strength, cohesion, and problem-solving capacity with a fun bouldering session. We have the equipment and the tech insights; you bring your talent, good vibes, and whatever non-alcoholic refreshments you deem necessary to help the team defeat gravity!

$400 flat rate for up to 10 participants and 1 HMB instructor; each additional climber @$30 up to a max. group size of 20 climbers. For larger groups, please email us.

  • 90 minutes, weekday lunch time or early afternoons
  • One hour-long guided climbing and 30 min. team social in yoga studio
  • Bookable until two weeks prior to your event
  • Rental shoes and chalk provided

If you have any special accommodations or would like a custom experience, please contact us at